CityWorks (X)po VIII

Anticipating 2050, Acting Today

October 4-6, 2018

Roanoke, VA

How are our communities changing? What does the future look like for our cities and towns? What will be our biggest challenges in 2050? What can we do today to prepare for this potential future? How do we build the future we want to have?

These are the big questions we are asking at this year’s (X)po as we explore the theme…

Anticipating 2050, Acting Today

We are excited to look into the future while recognizing that we need to act today. Join us and take part in these vital conversations!

What Can You Expect @ (X)po VIII

More Opportunities For Engagement

We are changing how we format our sessions to allow for more engagement with speakers. Additionally, we are rearranging our seating to allow participants to engage with each other more deeply.

An Emphasis On Intersectionality

We have always believed that creating change requires an understanding of the full complexity and interconnectedness of our communities. We are formatting this year’s event to facilitate the creation of connections across traditional boundaries.

A Renewed Focus

The past several years, we have combined our locally focused work with our national thought leadership. This year in order to fully focus on both of our goals, we are creating independent components of our annual event focused on each. This will allow us more better achieve both of our goals.

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, October 3rd

Evening: Welcome Gathering

Thursday, October 4th

Morning: Field Trips and Subject Matter Conversations

Afternoon: Speakers & Panels

Evening: Party!

Friday, October 5th

Morning: Speakers & Panels

Lunch: Small Group Gatherings

Afternoon: Speakers & Panels

Evening: Celebration!

Saturday, October 6th

All Day: Local (X)po

(More information coming soon!)

(X)po has more heart than other events that I’ve spoken at. The attendees are more doers than networkers, so I feel like I’m at home with the crowd.


(X)po Speaker, Detroit, MI

I came to (X)po to learn about how to improve my community, but in the process made a bunch of great relationships!


Richmond, IN






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Leadership & Good Government

Knowledge & New Media

Outdoors & Recreation

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Public Health & Social Justice