Anticipating 2050, Acting Today

CityWorks (X)po VIII

October 4-6, 2018

Roanoke, VA

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CityWorks (X)po

For eight years, CityWorks (X)po has focused on Big Ideas for Better Places. Starting as a conference for people who care about creating strong communities and great places, it has now become so much more.

It remains one of the longest running placemaking conferences in the country, but it has grown to include year-round programming. Nevertheless, the focus remains on promoting and fostering Big Ideas for Better Places. The (X)po team is constantly working to figure out how best to do this.

Anticipating 2050, Acting Today

How are our communities changing? What does the future look like for our cities and towns? What will be our biggest challenges in 2050? What can we do today to prepare for this potential future? How do we build the future we want to have?

These are the big questions we are asking at this year’s (X)po as we explore the theme…

Anticipating 2050, Acting Today

We are excited to look into the future while recognizing that we need to act today. Join us and take part in these vital conversations!

Other (X)po Projects

Big Ideas for Better Places Podcast

Every week we release a new interview with someone who is working to create more thriving places.

(X)po Action Team

We are looking into new ways to turn the celebration of innovation into action in our community and beyond!

Youth (X)po

We will be holding our Second Annual Youth (X)po in 2018. We are excited to help build the next generation of changemakers!

Innovator Recognition Program

We are launching a new program focused on celebrating the people in our community who think ahead of the curve!