Thursday, October 6th

11AM – 1PM Registration at the Grandin Theatre

Come early and check in and hit the Grandin Village Restaurants for lunch! Be sure to be back at 1pm sharp!

1PM – Kick off with Ariel, Ian and Wil + Gather & Connect

Emcee Announce (1)

Come join us as we get things underway!

1:25 PM – Josh McManus: For More Than Profit


1:40 PM – Ethan Kent: How A Focus on Place Transforms the Shaping of Cities

Ethan Kent

2:10 PM – Kristin Jeffers: Keeping Civic Inferiority Complexes at Bay in an Unequal World

Kristen Jeffers

2:40 PM – Elvir Berbic: Know Yourself, Know Your Community: Using own experiences to give back

2:55 PM – Sarah McKinley: Community Wealthbuilding: Doing Economic Development Differently

Sarah M

3:25 PM – Daniel Valdez: The Welcoming Framework: Building a Different Kind of Community

Daniel Valdez (1)

4:05 PM – Peter Skrbek: Community: A Key Ingredient in Deschutes’ Recipe

Peter Skrbek

5:00 PM – Street Fest!

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Friday, October 7th

It's (X)po Friday! Hold on tight; you're in for a whirlwind day!
7:30 AM – Free Yoga for the People


8:00 AM – Gather & Connect

Enjoy the musical stylings of Gary Cole while you connect, coffee up and get set for the day

8:30 AM – Gary Cole: Cultivating Creativity in the Community- How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gary Cole

8:50 AM – Rebecca Seipp: Hollins Library Hike- Literature in the Wild


9:00 AM – Frank Smith, President & CEO of the Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority


9:10 AM – Vernice Miller-Travis: Pursuing Environmental, Social and Racial Justice in a Time of Widening Inequality and Demographic Upheaval


9:40 AM – Chris Cain: Invest Locally- Find a New Center of Gravity

Chris CAin

9:55 AM – Audrey Barnes: Powers Of Scale: Collaborative Tools For Systems Design & Placemaking


10:25 AM – Mike Hamlar: Decoding the Digital Desert

Mike Hamlar

10:45: Dave Epperly: Noke Codes II: The Shirts Are Blue - Still Building a Technology Community in the Star City


10:55 AM – Thomas Knox: Changing Communities, one Conversation at a Time


11:15 AM- Scott Tate: Arts & Culture for Community Resilience and Re-invention


11:30 AM – Michelle Dykstra: Stop Waiting to be Asked: Women, Millennials and Community Engagement


12 PM – Lunch & Dive Deeper Sessions

Pamela Mason Wagner and Thomas Wagner- Co-founders of Turtle Rock Productions

Kristen Jeffers, Founder, The Black Urbanist

Daniel Valdez, Welcoming America

1:45 PM Gather & Connect
2:00 PM – Dr. Marc Edwards: Bad Government Betrayed Flint, MI. Good Government can Make it Right


2:40 PM – Pamela Mason Wagner: Miracle on 97th Street


3:00 PM – Ebrahim Varachia: Crowdgranting Communities

Ebrahim Varachia

3:20 PM – Melody Warnick: This is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving Where You Live

Melody (1)

3:40 PM – Christian Long & Sam Chaltain: Designing for Wonder: Launching a High School to Re-Awaken a City’s Creative Center and a Community’s Heart


4:10 PM – Vann R. Newkirk II: The Southern Renaissance: Politics in a Changing Region


5:00 PM – Shuttles to Downtown Roanoke

Private (X)po event at Follicular: the Hair Stories of Sonya Clark + (X)po bar crawl! 


Saturday, October 8th

8:00 Connect & Gather

Starting at 8am, you’ll have lots of opportunities to explore  the Grandin Village and connect with your new friends. Check out CUPS Coffee & Tea, Scratch Biscuit Company, the Co-op, the CoLab, and the Grandin Village Community Market!


8:30 – 11:30 Field Trips around Roanoke, VA


11:30 – 12:30 Wrap Up at the CoLab with Chris Morrill, Roanoke City Manager

“You’re Running the City” with Chris Morrill, Roanoke’s City Manager

Join Chris Morrill as he leads a discussion reflecting on the past two days. Using live surveys, we will talk about the ideas discussed at (X)po and line out plans for implementing them.

12:30 until 2017: Go forth and change the world!

See you next year!